Intellectual Property is an increasingly complex field, and an indispensable competitive tool in challenging economic times.  Over the years, IPmetrics professionals have tackled a variety of concrete topics from the practical management of IP portfolios, to the conceptual evaluation of infringement damages.  Most of these efforts have been featured by specialty publications, and have given rise to presentations and seminars.

The following are articles and white papers written by IPmetrics professionals in recent years:

Intellectual Property Valuation: Context is Critical

(The Secured Lender, September 2005)

Patent License Evaluation

(Practising Law Institute, May 2004)

Intellectual Property Valuation Techniques

(IP Strategies in Deals, October 2004)

Countering the Impact of Private Label on Brand Value

(Total Licensing, Winter 2009)

Leveraging Software Assets via the Capital Markets

(Iron Mountain Service Information Library, July 2008)

Patent Valuation Techniques

(les Nouvelles, March 2007)

Intellectual Property Valuation Techniques

(The Licensing Journal, October 2006)

Calculating Questions: Accepted Approaches to Patent Valuation

(Patent World, September 2006)

The Secured Lender (Second Installment)

(, March 2006)

The Secured Lender (Parts I & II)

( January 2006)

The Impact of SFAS 141 & 142 on Intangible Asset Management

(The Secured Lender, November / December 2005)

Intellectual Property: Collateral for Securitization or Lending

(The Secured Lender, July 2005)

Leveraging Intellectual Property via the Capital Markets

(Intellectual Property Issues, September 2003)

The Cost Approach to IP Valuation: Its Uses and Limitations

(, January 2001)

Value v. Fair Market Value

(, December 2000)

Situations Where Valuation Comes Into Play

(, November 2000)

A-Bundling We Will Go: When It Comes to Intangible Assets, the Sum is Often Greater Than its Parts

(, October 2000)

Intellectual Property - The Key to Lower Risk and Higher Margins

(les Nouvelles, June 1999)

An Overlooked Way to Exploit Patents

(The Intellectual Property Strategist, April 1999)

Intellectual Property Valuation Techniques

(The Licensing Journal, October 2006)

Accurate IP Valuation in Multiple Environments

(IAM - Intellectual Asset Management, February/March 2004)

Understanding the Value and the Risk

(ABF Journal, January 2004)

What’s It Worth? Context Continuum

(The Licensing Journal, September 2002)

The Road to Asia

(co-author) in: World Trademark Review, No. 23, February/March 2010)

Trademark Values in Corporate Restructuring

(Social Sciences Research Network, July, 2007)

Establishing Licensing Rates Through Options

(Social Sciences Research Network, September, 2006)

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