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Valuation for IP Management

Estate Planning

The management of copyrights and rights of publicity relies on the assessment and valuation of such intellectual property.  As a valuable asset that outlives the celebrity or creator, many holders or inheritors of these assets do not know the full spectrum of options available to them.  IPmetrics can provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation, including the value of various options, and help determine the best course of action.

Holding Company

Establishing a holding company for your intellectual property can provide many benefits. Among these are greater control over its utilization and the ability to accurately identify and measure results. IPmetrics can help you to understand the implications of these structures as well as construct procedures and systems to ensure compliance and track results.

IP Audits

IPmetrics professionals are experienced in conducting thorough IP audits to support clients in their efforts to identify, prioritize, and leverage their intangible assets.  Licensors and licensees have always appreciated the need to clearly ascertain compliance with the terms of their agreements to ensure smooth and profitable operations.

Joint Ventures

In the simplest of terms, joint ventures allow organizations the ability to utilize a third party's strengths to more efficiently support their own. For example, a manufacturer of high quality products may set up a joint venture with a retailer that boasts a national presence. The manufacturer benefits from the retailer's widely distributed outlets while the retailer in turn may benefit from exclusive access to a new product or service.

If you are providing the IP to be used in a joint venture, IPmetrics can help determine the appropriate level of profit and expense participation necessary to compensate you for your contribution. In addition, IPmetrics will work with you to identify creative solutions to unique situations.

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