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You Cannot Serve Both God and Pancakes, con’t. « The Trademark Blog

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Thanks to Marty Schwimmer’s The Trademark Blog for keeping an eye on the continuing saga of prayer and pancakes.   It is not as trivial as it sounds, because domains have no class restrictions like trademarks and after so many years, the initials IHOP may have a sound “secondary meaning” claim and need to avoid genericide.  Read the case at:

You Cannot Serve Both God and Pancakes, con’t. « The Trademark Blog.

Will consumers move to branded TLDs?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

That is a key unanswered question in the decision making process trademark owners and brand strategists have at hand with the upcoming launch of unlimited new gTLDs.
The central decision appears to be a judgment call as to competitors’ first move to secure highly desirable, or premium, key terms. It’s a classic game theory scenario, where the solution will depend on the relative costs of inaction to both players; leaders and followers.
This important contemporary topic was one of many addressed in the sessions at this year’s INTA Conference in San Francisco (#INTASF) where IPmetrics was present in full force.
As these and other key decisions come up, brand owners and their counsel can definitely benefit from a professional appraisal of the portfolio and a valuation analysis of alternative paths.